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Why am I building my own business? - Art Inception Georgia

Why am I building my own business? - Art Inception Georgia

The simple answer is that I want to do what I believe in.

I started my own business to create an innovative space that I felt suited me and my current environment - to invest my knowledge, experience, and diverse network into something I strongly believe in.

I love art, I believe in the power of art and I have seen how people become more positive after being in artistic spaces. I know that bringing art to everyday life is as essential to any society as physical safety or economical development. There is an ocean of social research proving art’s positive impact on society and I plan to bring those positive changes to Georgia through Art Inception.

The word "inception" means to be born. I see that there is a necessity to rethink and rebirth the art ecosystem in Georgia and in the world. That’s why I named my business Art Inception. The pandemic has been hard, but it has shown that without art, it is almost impossible to be a human.

What is Art Inception Georgia?

Art Inception Georgia is the first art communication platform in Georgia that aims to create connections between Georgia’s emerging artists and modern, tech-savvy audiences. We understand the modern communication language of Gen Z and want to bring this audience as well as the international audience to Georgia’s art world.

We have two main target audiences - artists and art lovers.

  • We encourage artists to create an international career while still being based in Tbilisi.
  • We assist and advise art lovers while buying artworks and bring them into their living and working spaces.

Art Inception has 2 websites on the way

  • grant.aigeorgia.online - where artists can find all the information they need about international opportunities
  • gallery.aigeorgia.online - modern marketplace, where one can discover, fall in love, and purchase art works online

Transforming passion into daily job

By profession, I am a journalist. I used to work as a radio and multimedia journalist. Later, I moved to the PR field and worked in all sectors, starting from donor organizations to public and private companies. But...

I had a dream to work in a space full of art. That’s why I joined the State Silk Museum in 2012. It gave me the ambition to have my own art space in Tbilisi because my passion was so strong that I needed it to be part of my daily life, and now I am bringing my dream to life in a modern and digital format.

Young Female CEO with no business experience

I never went to any business schools. That is a challenge and opportunity at the same time. I am growing as a leader with Art Inception, I am reading books, watching videos about business processes, budgeting and finances, laws, and team motivation systems. The learning process and getting to grips with different aspects of business is highly rewarding. At the same time, I am still competing with young entrepreneurs with MBAs and a background in business. Art Inception is a small team of dedicated women, with a good knowledge of English and technology.

I know that I want to be a visionary leader who sees the future. I want to inspire all little girls that despite not having a MBA and being a woman, you can start, run, and be a successful leader if you love your work, team, and mission.

What now?

My mom always says, "Gvantsa is a challenge finder - she always challenges herself". I have a long list of tasks and responsibilities and my days are filled with meetings and project writing to improve and expand. But, creating my own business is a new challenge I am facing and I am sure I will thrive.

If you are an artist or art lover, maybe you are an art collector searching for outstanding artworks, or a business manager looking for inspiration and something new - Follow us.